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Preserving the profiles, photos, and memories of people who were on the air and behind the scenes at college radio station WHUS at the University of Connecticut between 1950 and 1999. Profiles and photos of the WHUS Memories Museum founders and exhibit contibutors are below. Profiles and photos of other WHUS alumni are on the Profiles page. For the history, images, and sounds of 80 years of UConn radio, visit the main WHUS Memories Museum site. Our e-mail address is the same for both sites: whusalumni@yahoo.com

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Robert J (aka Super67man and Luce Cannon), 1961 - 1964: Spent 3 years in Germany from 1964 to 1967 (courtesy of ROTC) at 504th Signal Battalion in Mannheim and 7th Inventory Control Center / 7th Army Support Command in Karlsruhe, finished tour as the Major Electronics Items Supply Officer for all 7th Army units. Taking his former role at WHUS as Super67man much too seriously, he then had a not so Chubby Checkered 26 year career at Various & Sundry, while continuing to dabble as a caped crusader when the need arose. He retired in 1994 when it took two bounds for him to leap tall buildings, and worked part time as an Ambulance Chaser at Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe until 2002. He then resumed his aborted entertainment career after a 38 year hiatus by creating the WHUS Memories Museum websites. In recognition of 66.67% of the positive influence he had on the student educational process while on WHUS, The Neag School of Education at UConn bears 2/3 of his secret identity name (Schooldaz). Now part-time Curator of the WHUS Memories Museum and tracker of WHUS 1960s alumni. Lives in CT nine months of the year, and at his Fortress of Solitude for most of the summer.


The name's the same: Shmoozing with Robert J Smith, aka Wolfman Jack, many years after he visited the station and did 30 minutes of The Afternoon Soiree with Robert J. 

For a limited time only! A photo with Dick - Free with the purchase of a Big Bandstand Burger, a large order of Fabian's Fabulous Fries, and a Super Size Dr. Pepper. Dick branched out into the restaurant business a few years ago, and operates or licenses Dick Clark's American Bandstand Grills and Diners in several locations. I guess he needed a few million dollars more of retirement income for his old age.

Congratulating Gene Pitney, "The Rockville Rocket", on his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in 2002. He was an Engineering student at UConn in the 1959 - 1960 school year, then dropped out to pursue his songwriting and recording career. Gene maintained his Connecticut roots and lived in Somers CT when he died while on a concert tour in 2006.

( A * after a name below indicates that there is additional life profile info for the person and/or their WHUS memories on the Memories page)

 Jeff Tellis* (aka "Jazzy Jeff"): Station Manager 1962 - 1963. With ABC Radio Network in late 1960s. Filled in on-air for Charlie Greer on the overnight shift on WABC MusicRadio 77 during the announcers' strike in 1967 (listen to him with RealPlayer - move the clip position to 5:00 when it starts playing). Was General Manager at WPKN-FM at University of Bridgeport, built it up from a 10 watt weakling to a 10,000 watt contender. President and Executive Director of IBS Intercollegiate Broadcasting System for 10 years, and was their Vice President for Information Services and Webmaster. Jeff earned a living as Lead Technical Analyst for Macintosh computers at a world-wide corporation based in New York City, and lived in Newburgh NY when he passed away on March 14, 2006.

 Jeff Tellis Memorial Tributes

"It's Sock It To Me Time": Jeff filled in for Gary Owens on a Rowan & Martin's Laugh In show in 1968


Jeff completed his long awaited memoirs in 2002, and had 10,000 copies in his garage.

He also had 5,000 copies of the 1990s Rap hits compilation album that he produced in 2000 with another WHUS early 60s DJ, "Johnny B Badd" (John Babina).  

 Carol Petito (aka "Chia Pet-Ito"): Married to John Babina  (aka "Johnny B Badd" and "Babi John"). Carol was the Station Manager in 1964, and is now Assistant Manager at WMNR-FM, a community classical radio station in Monroe CT which she and John helped establish. John is retired from Sikorsky Aircraft in Bridgeport, and is a Technical Advisor at WMNR. Listen to Carol do the station IDs on the hour every hour, 24/7. Carol: carol@babina.com  John: dad@babina.com. 



Carol with her Station Manager face and "Baby", the WHUS remote unit, in 1964.










"Entertainer" John and Carol did record hops in Connecticut in the '70s






John's involvement with the arts started at age 12

Carol had world wide "exposure" for her 40th birthday in 1983.

Bach, Beethoven, and Babinas: Carol and John at the new WMNR Studios in April, 2003.

Winston Heimer* (aka "The Big W" and "Winnie The Jooh"), 1962 - 1965: Earned Master's degree in Radio-TV Production at NYU. Two years at US Army Europe HQ in Heidelberg Germany in office of Chief of Public Affairs (but somehow managed to keep his affairs private), oversaw AFN programming originating from Frankfurt, Germany. One year as newsman at WOWW-AM, Naugatuck. Public Information officer for state of CT 1970 to 1997, mostly with Health Dept. Now doing media relations for a private non-profit drug and alcohol abuse agency in Hartford, and owner of the Heimer Haus restaurant in West Hartford CT, where he lives. wheimer@sbcglobal.net

Winnie showing off his very own WHUS promo tee shirt. It's been a rare collector's item for more than 40 years.


Another vintage Winnie tee shirt.




Win Heimer as Sgt Bilko? Winston's uncle Maurice Gosfield, who played Private Doberman on The Phil Silvers Show in the 50s, visited him while he was in Germany.

Winston realized a life long dream of seeing his name in lights when he opened Heimer Haus in 2003

 "Rockin Russ" Ginns*, 1960 - 1965: Curator emeritus of the WHUS Ancient Archives since 1961, he worked as a civilian scientist for the US Navy, and is now retired in San Diego. russg@mad.scientist.com 

Rockin' Russ in 2001 with a guy who prefers all his drinks with a twist.

Russ has converted one of his early 60s three hour Ancient Archives Show tapes, and some Ancient Archives and station promos, to .mp3 files. Some of the files are available for listening to or downloading now . Go to Russ's WHUS Ancient Archives page for a show playlist and file availability, or to our Audio page if you crave instant gratification and want to listen to one now.

 Mike Dalton* (aka "Dick Sundi"): Station Manager, 1966-1967. Was a federal government Bean Counter for 31 years, retired in 1999. Lives in Great Falls VA and Ocean City MD midalton@cox.net   

 Craig McCarter* : WHUS Engineer, 1963 - 1968. Retired from Hoffman Engineering, lives in East Dover VT. cam7@optonline.net

 Peter Phillips* (aka "Lance Lawrence"): WHUS News Director 1963. Earned a Master of Arts Degree from the School of Fine Arts, University of California. He is an internationally recognized expert in developing corporate and brand identity strategies and programs, and has extensive experience as both a senior corporate manager and as a consultant. Peter was Director of Creative Services for the Gillette Company and Director of Corporate Identity and Design for Digital Equipment Corporation, and is a member, and secretary, of the board of directors of the Design Management Institute in Boston, and a frequent guest speaker for a wide variety of organizations in the United States and EuropeHe lives in Marblehead MA.  peterp4@comcast.net 

 Les Morrell* (aka "Les Izzmorr"): Hosted WHUS Ancient Archives Club oldies show on Saturday nights in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Station Manager 1971 & 1972. DJ and salesman at WILI Willimantic 1972-1980. Station Manager at WLIS Old Saybrook, CT for a while in the 80s. In sales at Channel 26 New London CT in the early 90s. Now a corporate trainer for Subway and manages Subway sandwich shops in New London, where he lives. lesmesa@aol.com

Les Morrell discusses his life after WHUS with Wayne Norman at the WILI 50th Anniversary Alumni Reunion. (Click on the sound stop button at the bottom of the page before you click on the link)


Hair Here: WHUS alumni Les Morrell (left) and Wayne Norman (right) were both on-air personalities at WILI in the 1970s.



 Wayne Norman* : WHUS 1966 to 1970. "WayNo" is a familiar voice on Connecticut radio, having hosted the morning program on WILI-AM in Willimantic for more than 30 years, the longest continuous running daily show in New England. Wayne is known around Willimantic as “Mr. Cupid”, winning the title in recognition for his contributions in promoting a positive image of Windham/Willimantic. He is also well-known as the perennial Grand Marshal of the 4th of July Boom Box Parade in Willimantic. Fans of the University of Connecticut Huskies know Wayne as “the voice of the Huskies,” as he has been calling the play-by-play for UConn basketball games for 25 years. He was named a “Connecticut Treasure” by Lt. Governor Jodi Rell in January, 2004. Wayne is now also a published author. Hoop Tales, his UConn men's basketball history book which he co-authored with WHUS alumnus Bob Porter, was published in April 2005. wayne@wili.com  

WayNo in the Studio A Control Room in 1967. He is doing an “AM/FM Split”, which wasn’t a 60s dance craze, but a switching process that allowed us to run a commercial on AM and a public service announcement on our non-commercial “educational” FM station at the same time.

Wayno on the air at WILI in 1971

Wayno gets excited doing his first UConn basketball play-by-play in 1979

 Mike Drechsler*, 1949 - 1953: Was on the NBC Page Staff, followed by two years in the US Army Signal Corps writing and directing TV programs. At WKNB/WRYM Radio Hartford for a few years writing commercials and stunts and in Public Relations. National Sales Manager at WDRC AM/FM Hartford for many years. Now a residential & commercial Real Estate Agent living in West Hartford CT. medrfd@comcast.net

Norm Zareski*, 1959 - 1962: Norm is a freelance travel and aviation writer/photographer and lives in Palos Verdes Estates, California. He is an instrument rated private pilot and has traveled to about 60 foreign countries. pveguy@aol.com

Norm Zareski on the air as a "cool cat" jazz disc jockey -cigarette and all - at WHUS

Dave Millson* : Senior Paralegal at Pinnhed & Associates in Waterbury CT for thirty years. Now self-employed as CopyRIGHT Word Merchants in New Haven VT. E-mail him for his special "buy one word, get one free" price for WHUS alumni. copyman@gmavt.net  

Head for the hills (of Vermont): Dave on Deck visiting the Memories Museum in 2002. "Bright blue sky above and room to go and come: I loved my fellow man the best when he was scattered some."

No, these are not Lidsville Senior Citizens visiting the old WHUS studios before they became just a part of history due to the wrecking ball. Winnie and I traded hats for this photo opp of the WHUS Memories Museum Founders enjoying their last look at a place that will remain in their memories forever during the 2002 Mini-Reunion. 

The WHUS Studios Through The Years: 1946 - 2007

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